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Katelyn Hoagland

Katelyn is a recent graduate from Lewisville High School and will attend UNT in the fall. Her interest in journalism started freshman year when she selected “Photojournalism” on a blue slip of paper without a second thought. Ever since, she’s been taking photos and writing for the Farmer’s Harvest.

Her junior year, Katelyn was photo editor of the school newspaper and, senior year, she was editor-in-chief. Just like her first journalism class, the Mayborn High School Journalism Workshop appeared out of nowhere, calling her name. The opportunity to learn from the professors she’d see in just a few months and apply the skills she’s crafted over the years was too tempting to pass up.

Katelyn would like to write for a long, long time. Maybe she’ll edit, design, take photos and cry a little. In her spare time, Katelyn watches Teen Wolf, attends concerts, and drinks a lot of coffee.

It’s a bug’s life

I woke up at 7:28, tried to tame the mane before 8, and ate hashbrowns while I drank a mix of Barg’s root beer and Pibb Xtra. I sat with Sarah, Alex, and Rachel. We chatted about anything and everything,…

If the shoe does not fit


I don’t know what I expected before I walked into DFW Hilton’s gift shop. Don’t get me wrong – they had all the necessities: shampoo, candy bars, tennis rackets, and Dallas Cowboys t-shirts…you know, the usual. On my list of priorities,…