Working hard at the Mayborn Conference


(L-R) Alex Helm, Kelsey Gordon and Sarah Sarder discussing ideas for their story.


Students learn from University of North Texas professor Kathie Hinnen how to find story ideas in unusual place and interviewing techniques.


Close up of Professor Hinnen and students.


Still from the “How to Nurture Your Passion Project” panel. (L-R) moderator, Cathy Booth Thomas (not shown), Cristina Daglas (D Magazine) and Brian Sweany (Texas Monthly).


Wade Crowder from the School for the Talented and Gifted shooting clips.

Ateanna Uriri is a University of North Texas student studying Journalism with a focus in Photojournalism. She has previously earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies that she hopes to couple with her degree from UNT to pursue foreign correspondence with an international media outlet or to travel the world telling stories and documenting the lives of people.

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