I never thought I’d be much of a #twittergoddess.

But I was wrong.

I’m a Twitter #freak. I’m a Twitter #maniac. I will rule all of #socialmedia.

I will be your #internetqueen.

I mean, I’ve had an account for awhile. I used it to tweet for @mhsmarquee. “You wrote a new story, Alex? Cool, tweet it out so #MHS can read it.” I was pretty #socialsavvy there for awhile.

But then #summer2k14 happened and I lost my #twittertouch. Until the #MaybornConference happened, of course. Then I learned from @Samjb how to use Twitter to get the #ultimateinternetexperience. And also to get the most out of what we tweet and how we publicize our #reporting and #stories.

Now I know that I want to be a mobile journalist: or mojo. I wanna get my #mojo on. I want to live tweet and blog and post and update and report from my trusty #iPhone. I want to be #onthego and report as history is happening. I am #historyinthemaking, and I’m making it all from my phone.

So, in #wifi we #mojos trust. May you all be #blessed with my #socialmediaskills.

This is @alex_helm, live tweeting from the dorms at #UNT.


Alex Helm is a senior and a second year writer for The Marquee at Marcus High School. This year, she'll be feature and copy editor, and is looking forward to helping new journalists at her school. She's interested in social media and blogging as a digital journalist. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading and baking with her sister. Alex plans to go to college and major in journalism.

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