Change for the Better

My journalism career began in a small, cluttered classroom on the second floor of the ancient Denton High School. Over the past two years my only experience in a newsroom setting came from the single room that made up the DHS Journalism Department. The Mayborn HS journalism workshop gave me the opportunity to visit, and tour, a real paying newsroom at the Denton Record Chronicle.

Upon entering the building I was hit with an atmosphere that was the complete inverse of my own publication site. A huge silver sign greeted you at the door with bold letters reading “The Denton Record Chronicle” and a smiling woman sat behind the desk asked us if we were ready for the tour, this whole place screamed professionalism.

The room where the actual reporting occurred was by far my favorite. Watching journalists record what they had covered earlier in the day and knowing that their writing will appear on print where most of Denton County will read it, was a pretty cool thought.

Regardless of the similar objectives that the DHS newspaper, The Horseshoe, and the DRC share, the way things are run is very contrasting. Throughout the tour I learned about all the different teams that it takes to put out a newspaper. With only a mere 18 staff members, the Horseshoe does not have more than one copy editor or an advertising team, but rather a mere one or two students that just happen to have the free time to make a few phone calls.

I absolutely loved the DRC building, the vibes, the people, and the work that goes on there. I will definitely share my experience with my staff members back at school and I know that they will be eager to visit this company that is only a 2 minute drive from where we compose our own newspaper.

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill is entering her senior year as an International Baccalaureate candidate at Denton High School. Jordan is involved in a variety of activities in addition to journalism while maintaining a 4.7 GPA. Jordan has been a part of the DHS journalism department since sophomore year in various roles and will finish her high school journalism career as editor-in-chief. Jordan is also involved in Student Government, National Honor Society, was previously a Fillies Drill Team junior lieutenant and varsity golfer. Jordan has received accolades for her participation for Journalism UIL, including 2nd place in District, and 4th place in Regionals. Jordan wanted to attend this workshop to gain more knowledge and experience in other fields of journalism besides newspaper.

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