A Success

Overwhelmed is a very accurate word to describe how I felt the first two days of the UNT journalism workshop. With 11 new faces to learn and many, many classes to attend, I held my head high to hide how truly nerve wracked I was.

 The first couple days were rough and seemed like it would never cease, but we were learning from the best and endured. The 11 new faces before became 11 faces of friends as we interviewed, reported, learned together, and shared laughs.

 After I got over my many stomach butterflies I was dumbfounded by how much I could soak in, in just a few days! Learning the different aspects of journalism and being able to experience them hands on is an amazing privilege. I feel that this workshop/program has really captured all the branches of journalism in a way that all the students are adept to get to know inside and out.

 Only half way through and still many more things to learn!

 Of course we can’t forget to have fun, so swimming with my fellow workshop mates at the UNT Rec Center earlier tonight was a relaxing, well deserved break.

Molly Sullivan is a creative high school student looking for ways to turn her passions of art and writing into real world careers. Soon to be junior at Paschal High School she participates in swim team, Fellowship Christian Athletes and Students club, and Student Council during the school year and a city of Fort Worth lifeguard and swim instructor throughout the summer, she is your all-American girl. She excels academically and has been selected to be in the National Honors Society as a reward for her hard work. Her interests include drawing, fashion, hanging out with friends and trying new things. While exploring the different aspects of journalism, she hopes to succeed at the Mayborn UNT journalism workshop and find her place in the journalism world.

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