Old dogs teaching new tricks

As teenagers believe, we know everything there is to know, especially when it comes to social media. We run the WORLD… wide web. So, why would Mayborn have a class on social media? There are thousands of websites that we neglect because of our fascination with what is popular right now.

As it turns out, the new dogs need to learn the old dogs’  new tricks. Sites like Storify and paper.li are amazing outlets and perfect for combining muliple sources to corroborrate any information being distributed. It is the best way to back up our posts with facts and sources from others.

Ironic as it sounds, social media classes aren’t outdated yet. Although we have abilities like retweeting and lingo decryption, there are plenty of social media we have not mastered yet.

Rachel Whitaker is a senior at Irving High School interested in journalism and communications. At school she is editor of the newspaper and yearbook and vice president of National Honor Society. She hopes to leave the Mayborn Multimedia High School Journalism Workshop with a better understanding of journalism, specifically magazine writing.

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