When You Know… You Know

Leaving dinner this afternoon, I was asked, “when did you know you wanted to be a broadcast journalist?” As I walked back to my dorm, the question was heavy on my mind. I thought about it for a good 15 minutes. I reflected on the career paths I wanted to go down as a little girl, and realized they all led to broadcast journalism.

At the age of 7, I believed law school was in my future. I dreamed of attending Harvard University, graduating valedictorian of my 2018 class, and becoming the hot shot lawyer. I had a love for researching, debating, and public speaking. But I quickly realized that over eight years of schooling and extremely difficult exams were not for me.

I then aspired to be a forensic investigator. Inspired by the TV shows Criminal Minds, Forensic Files, and yes, Nancy Grace. Following a trial and getting to the root of a crime became a passion of mine. But that dream faded.

When I turned 15, I was sure modeling was my destiny. Tyra Banks was my role model. I was always (and still to this day) asked, “Are you a model?” I fell in love with being in front of a camera and knowing that being a super model includes traveling to fabulous locations. But, my busy schedule wouldn’t allow it.

As I reminisced, I connected the dots. My passion for researching, public speaking, being in front of a camera, following and getting to the root of a story are all aspect of being a broadcast journalist and reporter.

As I attend the Mayborn Multimedia High School Journalism Workshop and learned more about the life of a broadcast journalist, I realize it is my passion and I can’t imagine pursuing any other career!

Madisen Reid, a 2014 graduate of Hebron High School in Carrollton, gained automatic admissions to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, for the 2015 fall semester. In the interim, she will complete her basic college coursework at Collin College in Plano during the 2014-2015 academic year. Once at SMU, Madisen plans to double major in broadcast journalism and communication studies, and double minor in political science and personal relations.

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