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The experience that the Mayborn School of Journalism has provided seems like I’m back in my first days of Journalism. Although it wasn’t very long ago (two years ago), it certainly has been a long journey where I thought I learned a lot about how to write in the field. Then I got here.

First seconds of getting here, I was sure overwhelmed. Not just by the grand scale of the Hilton, but also with the amazing new delve into the art of Journalism. Before coming here to the multimedia workshop, I had never used things like Twitter or Facebook. Equipped with a computer that couldn’t connect to the internet for that class, I had to use my phone. I was amazed with bewilderment of multimedia, and how connected to the world of Journalism it is.

The second day as it is has thrown me back seeing as it started about writing, and I learned so much I didn’t know about such as the sexy factor of our writing. The “sexy” of a story is the punch or the amazing bit that should be showed first. Other things such as the inverted pyramid were new to me. At my school the format we use is: lead, quote, transition, quote, transition, and more quote transition. That has no sexy, but I’ve already learned things to bring back to school to bring up our paper.

We also got to learn about another new subject for me, Broadcast. This style of writing really is something extremely different than anything I had known of (funny as I was thinking that when I had first gotten into Journalism) as it’s even shorter than Journalism not to mention the time workings.

Certainly, this workshop is going to be a very different yet great experience. I can’t wait to see what I learn next.


Kristopher is a sixteen year old attendee of Guyer High School. He's been working with the Guyer Wire, the school’s newspaper, since he was a freshman and plans to continue writing throughout high school. Kristopher plays the bass in the school orchestra and loves video games and cards. He came to the Mayborn High School Journalism Workshop because he's always been interested in print as well as the other platforms of journalism. Kristopher thinks he wants to go into print, but he's also enjoying the broadcast side.

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