Hollywood Lied to Me (and other facts of life)

Phones sitting on small, messy desks ring continually. Reporters rush from room to room, assembling the many complex parts of the major stories they’ve been assigned. Papers fly, computers hum, and lights flash. The newsroom is in action.

Hollywood lied to me.

The Denton Record Chronicle looks nothing like what my overactive (and heavily aided) imagination conjured on the van ride here. There is no flurry of activity. The cubicles, while small, are completely quiet, even ‘peaceful’, according to my new friend Katelyn. I, on the other hand, find the silence uncomfortable. My back itches. I need to sneeze. Fortunately, the tour begins soon.

Reporters, copy editors, sports writers. The professionals tap away at keyboards on their separate desks. The Denton Record Chronicle has the feel of a huge machine, the giant gears distinct but cooperative, grinding in unison to achieve an acclaimed newspaper.

Much like the huge printing press we glimpse later in the afternoon. Only the bottom half of the press is visible through the ground floor door, but even from this restricted view the machine’s astounding size is apparent. The two story room it resides in, and has resided in for the last twelve years, had to be built around the mammoth press.

Unlike the printing press, however, the journalists at the Denton Record Chronicle haven’t allowed technological advances to put them out of business. These reporters are intelligent. Adaptive. While I may be a digital native of the advanced landscape of the twenty-first century, these so called immigrants are often more adept at using the lay of the land to their advantage than I am.

The authors, professors and journalists I have seen and heard from over the past week have inspired me. Not to pursue writing or broadcast journalism or science (maybe those too), but to learn. To adjust and accommodate to change and setbacks. The Multimedia Workshop has already taught me about much more than journalism. It’s taught me about life.

And it’s not even over yet.


-Sarah Sarder

Plano East Senior High School.

Sarah Sarder is an upcoming senior at Plano East Senior High School. She has been on the Panther Prints staff for the past year and will be editor-in-chief of content during the coming school year. Her interests are journalism and psychology. Sarah loves to read books in her free time. She is undecided on what major she will pursue in college.

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